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We envision that every learner transforms into an exceptional technocrat capable of meeting the ever-changing challenges in the global society. Our outcome-based digital tutorials are bent on to elevate learners lives and build a better society, that is why MTutor sprouted into the world of learning.
Everyone's Learning journey is different, so to create an impactful learning path and to make them achieve the expected outcomes.
Where do we see ourselves in the future?
Being visionaries, revolutionising the entire education canvas and transcending boundaries!
MTutor engaged in knee-deep research on the dynamics of Engineering and its employability factors, and we discovered Students display a lack of practical exposure to the theoretical concepts and exuded a sense of dispassion towards Engineering as a profession.
We realised that Engineering students are coerced and are not supplemented by a form of learning that is both educative and fun.

We envisioned that the key takeaway is the necessity for an educational bridge to guide the student community with a more engaging learning experience and hence MTutor sprouted in the world of Digital Learning.
When did we start & what we do?
Starting in 2015, we have come a long way in making our vision a happy reality. We are young, but come with the perfect mix of passion and experience! Creating impactful learning for students, M-Tutor powers knowledge that can be carried around. Our Mobile App and Desktop learning functionalities ensure that learning is only a click away.
M-Tutor- The Learning Essential pack comes with
MTutor - The Learning Essential pack comes with
  • Interactive modules as a virtual classroom
  • Ask A Doubt - Raise doubts on the go and get them clarified instantly
  • LIVE Chat - Thought based learning
  • Question Bank Repository as a ready reference
  • Assessment driven learning to self evaluate
  • Aligned to your syllabi, tailor-made
  • Performance monitor engine that generates reports
Why M-Tutor?
Stellar academicians, Cutting-edge synergistic tool and assessment-based fun learning. It does not get better than this! We believe in fortifying the learners with the knowledge that creates world-class Engineers, thereby creating for themselves compelling career graphs with an ascending learning curve.
Where do we stand now?
Driven by our values and our passion for excellence, we believe in delivering only the best.

Participating Universities
Whom do we partner with
Our illustrious list of Academic and Corporate Partners has significantly fuelled our growth and ideas, thus enabling us to realise our vision.
How seriously do we take your learning?
Very seriously, our and your time is valuable and it is of utmost importance to us. Learning is always a dialogue, and we go to great lengths to make the dialogue meaningful.
How do you get started?
Get started and get a 30 days free trial or Just talk to us and we will get you through the entire process. It is that simple, really!
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