My Engineering Essential

As a child, I was very inquisitive, curious and I just had to keep doing something or ask questions constantly.

Schooling happened to be the most magical phase of my life. Love happened through physics. It was my kind of thing! The practical experiments and the theories behind it intrigued me, interested me. It was like as if science was my PT class! And so by the time I was in class 8, I knew what I wanted to specialize in Engineering. Mechanical or Electrical.

The biggest factor in my decision to study engineering was my desire to learn more and do innovative research in the field. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and it would involve a lot of creativity and diligence. But I was sure, for my choice of study combines many of my strengths and passions.

As excited as I was about pursuing what I love, first year of college was disappointing in bits. I found some subjects very dry and a few concepts hard to understand. There were hardly any practical classes and concepts became hard to visualize. There was only so much our teachers could do while teaching. Even experiments were limited due to the unavailability of resources and the complexity of the concept / subject. Books were only of so much help, as it was only theoretical and not practical.

So after we exhausted our dependencies on our teachers and libraries, our next and only hope was the Internet. There was a lot more information and some websites also had some animation in them. But either the concepts were way ahead of our syllabus or not related to it.

Just as we were giving up, our college told us something, a collaboration with M-tutor. I didn’t believe much in M-tutor in the beginning, I just thought it was just another website with good videos with great graphics but had no relation to engineering subjects and concepts.

When I found out about M-tutor, I was very happy. It was THE website for help on my course. The quality of teaching is amazing and simple. Concepts are broken down into simple understandable segments. There is a lot of animation that helps perfectly with visualizing the concept better and ACTUALLY understanding it. Even the delivery style is very engaging. The fact that these videos are customized to our syllabus is terrific!

What’s even better is the fact that I can reach out to any of these online tutors. They are accessible and very patient with answering your questions. The tests are also simple and reassuring. And you can always go back to these videos and view them how many ever times you want to. There have been times where I needed a little more insight on a subject, so I had written many times to M-tutor regarding doubts or a video on a subject. The response was quick and very helpful. They have also made videos based on my request and a few requests from my classmates.

M-tutor is a good learning tool for all Engineers and has become my most important asset to learning.

– Ayush Nair, 2nd Year Mechanical – APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University.