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MTutor for Business
The MTutor For Business delivers on-demand, Tailor-made eLearning solutions to help companies grow and flourish.

The MTutor Business supports companies of all sizes to upskill and train their workforces, expand their capabilities, retain them and make them deliver exceptional value to the organization and their clients.

MTutor develops your training curricula into a digitalized model using audiovisual techniques. MTutor’s competency in building this digital content will help recruits with a better understanding and also use this as a ready reference for them to learn anywhere, anytime.

The outcome is to decrease the business impact caused viz-a-viz human errors and minimize training efforts which can be reinvested in bringing up other knowledge-building models.
Why MTutor for Business
  • Observe Learning Behavior and it is outcome to improve performance
  • Seamless Deployment
  • Cost-Effective and Scalable
  • Flexible and convenient, learn anywhere, anytime.
Companies that use MTutor
Digital TVET
Open Labs
TecPoint Global Solutions

It is time to transform your talent. Power your learning with MTutor for Business today.

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