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Times have changed - are changing. Being a teacher, there is a lot that we learn as we go through the process of imparting knowledge. When I was a student, we did manage to have some very interesting sessions even without the intervention of technology. This education system had us go to the library for answers. At times we did not even know if we were going through the right books or merely flipping pages. It was a herculean task, so much so that we'd rather have a download of information from our friends or classmates before we rushed into the exam halls.
My times as a lecturer were slightly better as we got to dabble with a little bit of power point presentations, have industry experts give students practical knowledge, and have students work on innovative projects. Later, I realized that raising questions in class is what judged a student’s capabilities. This put them through immense pressure but this was our only form of feedback if the subject taught was understood or not. As teachers, we need to create a learning environment that gives equal importance to teaching and technology to impart knowledge effectively.
A classroom that can have the teacher explaining a concept with a visual presentation on how this concept works, for the student to fall back on, is nothing short of brilliance. And this is exactly why we appreciate our partnership with MTutor. With MTutor, students have a better visual understanding of how a particular engineering concept works.
I personally find MTutor's videos great as they are descriptive in their explanation. The importance they give to small concepts and their detailing is brilliant. What is even better and most important is the interaction and feedback here. If any concept is not clear or further information is needed, Mtutor will respond immediately to your questions. If there is a problem with the way a particular concept is handled, the Feedback space in Mtutor looks into that and customises the concepts.
Every good teacher appreciates a great student who is willing to walk that extra mile to learn.
I appreciate and commend the MTutor team’s efforts in the field of education. And my sincere wishes to the team in their future endeavours and innovations in the field of education.
- Mr.Sunil Dhingra – Director – Kurukshetra University & Former Director UIET, Kurukshetra University

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