The Push - How MTutor came about

Campus placements were round the corner, but this time, I was on the “We're hiring” side. Determined to hire some of the best Engineering minds of the latest batch of students, I visited a couple of Universities and interviewed the students on behalf of our company - Symbiotic Infotech.
What shocked me that entire day was that the students displayed a lack of practical exposure to the theoretical concepts and exuded a sense of dispassion towards Engineering as a profession. The key takeaway was the necessity for an educational bridge to guide the student community to a more engaging learning experience.
Every year, a minimum of 1.5 million Engineers graduate and enter the job market. A majority of these students who do not get a job have confessed to gaining a back-door entry as a Junior Lecturer in their own colleges. Appalled by this reality, Padmakumar and I began to engage in knee-deep research on the dynamics of Engineering, and its employability factors.
A survey revealed that most students attended the classroom sessions only for their attendance, and that they were hardly ever interested in their course curriculum. This, naturally reflected on their performance and technical expertise. Thus, after months of research, and what could only be described as a desperate warning call for the Engineering community, MTutor was born. MTutor is an application-based learning platform, designed to supplement the student’s learning and enable him/her to overcome the fear of an academic failure. Most of all, it was indispensable to make learning fun and digestible.
Analyzing the learning landscape of the country, every 15-minute topic video was created keeping in mind the retention rate, psychological fears and the communication skills of an average Indian student. With a powerhouse of features, MTutor is packed with Assessments, Question banks, Live chat and Ask-A-Doubt features to enable the student to exhaust all his questions and doubts, and equip himself to face the examinations without any fear.
Today, we are happy to share that we have partnerships with over 30 Universities, impacting over a million students, though we feel we have just started. Wish us the best.
- Sundar, Co-Founder CEO

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