Engineering Courses for the 21st century with vibrant career prospects

Engineering is a field of study that has emerged a clear winner in the past two decades. Umpteen number of students have been leaning towards this field and now there is a scenario where we feel the ratio of engineers passing out is very high compared to the job availabilities.
This is a situation that can be handled if we scrutinize the branches available in engineering. Following are few of the very important yet scarcely chosen branches that pays abundantly and has an exuberant career graph.
Petroleum engineering: Petroleum is the primary source of fuel in today’s modern world, pivotal to a wide range of developmental activities. Specialising in this field will get you a very good pay right at the beginning of your career and you can easily be placed in any of the oil production companies in India and abroad. If energy is your area of interest, this could be the best choice for you.
Robotics and Artificial intelligence: With technology taking over the world, Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of most of the cutting edge softwares and systems. Robotics is a fast developing field that has made life simpler for many small and large scale industries. The career option for this field varies from simple voice recognition and translation machines to complex hi tech automobile designs.
Industrial engineering: This is one of the most specialised courses in engineering that is well recognised in industries around the world. It deals with finding out the most profitable and effective processes that can be incorporated in a particular industry. This branch is a perfect blend of social sciences, people, organisations and technology. Hence you have an array of industries including finance, healthcare and automobile to choose from as your career path.
Data Analytics: This is one of the fields that has become incredibly famous in the past five years and it is to stay for many more years to come. Huge organisations are making their future decisions only with the help of big data analytics, hence making it an indispensable branch. The data analyst population is still low while the amount of data to be analysed is increasing multifold. Organisations are on a continuous look out for data analysts who can provide them with clear cut ideas and enlightenment on futuristic trends of the industry.
Nuclear engineering: People keenly interested in physics and the related subjects should take this course to make it big in a very short period of time. Nuclear energy has become one of the most powerful resources for any country and this field is going to prosper for a very long time. With India making a huge progress in the nuclear world and working on opening up a number of nuclear plant all over the country, the opportunities for nuclear engineers are sky high.
All the above mentioned courses are quite difficult to study but once completed, they act as the ticket to sure shot success. The best part about these courses are that post graduation or any further study is not required for you to earn a six figure salary right at the beginning of your career.

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