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My love for exploring scientific concepts started at a very young age. Every toy I owned was an experimental contraption and I passionately broke them down to pieces before fixing them up. My school was my paradise and I preferred to stay in science labs rather than play grounds.
Innovative scientific ideas and experiment designs came natural to me and this made engineering my obvious stream of study. Engineering syllabus and the teaching techniques adopted by most of the colleges are on the theoretical side rather than practical. This might be helpful for attaining marks but not for inspiring ground-breaking scientific creations.
This heart-breaking learning scenario made me strive for a better platform to grapple with engineering concepts and theories. I was quick at grasping the essence of all the subjects but I needed time to contemplate them and use them in real time world. I needed a system that related to my ideas and viewpoints instead of asking me to stick to my text book. I felt there was never a better teacher than real time scenarios and life situations and I wanted to master science and engineering the same way.
This is when I stumbled upon M-tutor. It is the portal that fed my thirst for convoluted concepts and inventory designs. Life of an aspiring engineer becomes simple if he can understand every concept and theory with the help of experiments and research. This is exactly what M-tutor provided me with. I had the opportunity to learn every subject of my four year course with exemplary video lessons, experimental proof, innovative teaching methods and continuous assessments.
Now I am a proud engineer with immense confidence to come up with innovative ideas and create complex designs. Necessity is the mother of invention. My necessity was to quench the thirst for science and practical learning of intense concepts. I think my love for this stream is never ending and my strong foundation will surely succour me through this exciting journey.
-Suparna Narayanan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Easwari engineering College

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